Welcome to the Alice Springs Gliding Club

Soaring the skies of Central Australia since 1955...

The Alice Springs Gliding Club has been operating from the Bond Springs Aerodrome for more than 50 years. With our fleet of gliders you can experience silent flight above the incredible scenery of Central Australia all year round.

Our experienced instructors are qualified in training for everyone, from new students with no previous aviation experience, to seasoned commercial pilots looking for some weekend sport flying.

We offer ‘Training Introductory Flights’ for people interested in learning to fly.

No bookings are required, just follow the directions out to the Bond Springs Aerodrome and come and join us in the sky. 


Club Update

Five hours aloft for Kim

Alice Springs Gliding Club pilot Kim Anderson has flown for five hours straight, earning him a silver badge.
The club's secretary said he felt “excellent” after the achievement, which requires very good conditions and planning to achieve.
“I was on a high for a week,” Mr Anderson said.
“I told my sister and brother. My brother got a shock that a glider could stay up for five hours.”
The flight took Mr Anderson west for a short while, and then twice up north to Gillan Bore outstation, near the Plenty Highway intersection.
“After the winch launch I found some pretty mediocre lift straight away but all of a sudden at 7,000 feet the lift really took off and I zoomed straight to 10,000 feet,” he said.
If sufficient lift can’t be found in the area, the only option for outlandings at Alice Springs Gliding Club is the Stuart Highway.
Achievements like the five hour flight take plenty of practice and planning, and Mr Anderson already has his sights on further achievements.
“Next is a 300 or 500 km flight, but you’ve really got to pick a suitable weather day for that. That would go towards a gold badge,” Mr Anderson said.
“I enjoy it because once you’re in the air you forget about all the problems on the ground,” he said.

PICTURE by Jo Murphy